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Acurite Industries Corp. has been manufacturing and exporting various kinds of staples, staple gun, hammer tack, hand tools and saw to customers from all over the world for the past 30 years.


They design and manufacture not only durable and functional products, but also products that are eye catching and well designed.


The manufacturing of all products are done in Taiwan to assure the best quality possible. Products like staplers, staple guns, staple removers, measuring equipment and adhesives and glue has been manufactured and exported to wholesalers like Wal-Mart, Staples Superstores, Acco World, Mead and many other office and stationery retailers.


Acurite also welcomes all OEM inquiries and is able to provide samples according to customer designs.


For a full product catalogue, please browse our showroom.

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Basic Info

Business Type:Exporter, Manufacturer
Capital:500,000 - 1,000,000 USD
Turnover:5,000,000 - 10,000,000 USD
Year Established:1986
Number of employee:20
Products/Services we offer:Products like staplers, staple guns, staple removers, measuring equipment and adhesives and glue,Air Nailer / Stapler,Cutting Hand Tools (incl. Saws, Shears, Trimmers,Electric Staplers,Glue & Gelatin, Glue Guns, Hot Melt Glue Gun,Machinery, Packing/Packaging ,Measurement Equipment for Switchgear,Miter Box Saws,Packing Tools, Peelers and Choppers, Pneumatic Tools,Power Staplers, Nailers & Tackers, Saws (incl. Hacksaws & Jigsaws,Screwdrivers,Staple Guns,Staplers and Staple Removers, Tool Sets<br /> <br /> Hot Product Search:<br /> <br /> saw<br /> staples<br /> staple<br /> glue<br /> saws<br /> wrench<br /> wrenches<br /> stapler<br /> power tool<br /> staplers<br /> hand tool<br /> hand tools<br /> cutting tools<br /> measure tape<br /> tape measure<br /> metal cutting<br /> stapler and staples<br /> tacker<br /> glue stick<br /> hand saw<br /> power saw<br /> tile saw<br /> staple gun<br /> hex key<br /> hacksaw<br /> metal saw<br /> measuring instruments<br /> hack saw<br /> hacksaws<br /> glue gun<br /> hot glue<br /> measuring tape<br /> hand saws<br /> metal saws<br /> glue guns<br /> tape dispenser<br /> tackers<br /> back saw<br /> power saws<br /> portable saw<br /> glue sticks<br /> tape dispensers<br /> panel saw<br /> metal cutting saw<br /> steel cutting saw<br /> bow saw<br /> hot glue gun<br /> metal cutting saws<br /> board saw<br /> hot melt glue<br /> hot glue guns<br /> hacksaw blade<br /> pruning saw<br /> power stapler<br /> pruning saws<br /> heavy duty stapler<br /> metal cutting tools<br /> power hacksaw<br /> nailer stapler<br /> hot glue stick<br /> hot glue sticks<br /> tacker stapler<br /> stapler machine<br /> hex key wrench<br /> packing tape dispenser<br /> packaging tape dispenser<br /> hand stapler<br /> hack saws<br /> wall panel saw<br /> coping saws<br /> staple fastener<br /> pvc saw<br /> carton stapler<br /> cable tacker<br /> cable tackers<br /> folding pruning saw<br /> pocket tape measure<br /> wall board saw<br /> adjustable hacksaw
QA/QC Service:In House
OEM Service:Yes

Contact Info

Company Name:Acurite Industries Corp.
Contact Person:Kenny Chang
Business Address:5F, No.81, Cheng Teh Road, Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan